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Joe's Wet Shack

Joe Hildebrand

1625 220th Street

Manchester, IA 52057


Joe's Bunk House 

Tired of sleeping in the heat and rain, why not enjoy your trip in luxury's of air condition, hot shower, toilet and bed. 


Holds up to 24 people


Call for more details and book early. 563.590.4618

* Maps provided to Bunk House location daily and phone numbers
* Air conditioned rooms
* Bathroom & Showers
* Towels Provided
* Rooms sleep 6 or 9 per room
        * 6 bed rooms: Bathroom located outside
        * 9 bed rooms: Bathroom located inside room
* Must bring one light blanket. All other bedding will be provided
* Joe's staff can wash your clothes if needed
* Joe's bunk house will haul your gear/clothes
* Camp will be set up for you consisting of a big tent for shade and lawn chairs/tables
* Coolers provided for each room
* Various games available
* Coffee/refreshments provided in morning
* Drinks available when you come in at night
* 3 meals (Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night)
* Phone charging capabilities

The Bunk House Portable Trailer
Close up of half a room
6 beds per room
Bunk House Bathrooms